Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm sick of lead paint.

I am so sick of hearing about millions of toys being recalled for lead paint. I'm sick of hearing about ANYTHING being recalled for fear of lead paint. OH NO!! Lead Paint! Now BOY SCOUT BADGES are being recalled for lead paint concerns. Watch out everyone, you might die from getting close to lead paint! And a microscopic amount at that! But don't be alarmed... we have it under control. we are recalling all of these things so they don't hurt you. So go ahead...drink your Red Bull, and sit back and scarf down that can of Pringles. Eat that Big Mac and fries, and go on smoking. In fact, have a beer while you are at it. None of those things harm you in the least.

This is out of control. We are a society of morons...obsessed with details that really don't matter. I'll stop there.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Here's to the Brave

I can't help but want to share this blog from one of me an my wife's friends with everyone (she was actually my wife's college roomate). Reason being - here is what bravery truly is...leaving a pregnant wife to go fight a war across the world so that they can be free, so that I can be blogging this right now.

Chris - I've never met you, but I salute you and think of you and Therese and your beautiful little boy whenever I see a flag. You are a hero. Thanks for doing what so many in this country are unwilling to do...fight to be free.

The Coop Troop

Monday, October 1, 2007

She's at it again.

If there is one thing that this nation was founded on, it was hard work. People knew that they were free to do what they chose, and that they were the makers of their own destiny. Their success depended on themselves, and long ago, they took pride in that.

Society today has gone far away from this empowering and freeing principle: self- reliance. We have become a society of wanting, but not willing. We want everything our neighbor has, but we do not want to work for it. We want the lifestyle that we see on TV, and we use money that we have not yet earned to pay for it. We dream of the time when money is not an issue in our lives, but we go to bed each night not having done what it takes that day to make that dream a reality. We have become a society of something for nothing. If my ancestors saw what I have today, and what I have to do to get it, they would be appalled.

So here is Senator Clinton, wanting to provide $5000 to every child born in the US for a "College fund". Don't buy it. Here's a clip from a really good article explaining this:

"But there’s an even more compelling rationale from Clinton’s perspective for offering taxpayer money to childbearing Americans of all income levels. Such a program extends government’s hold over Americans’ lives, from cradle to grave, and provides yet another “benefit” that can be used to justify higher taxes and greater regulation. It would help condition otherwise self-sufficient voters to sup at the government trough – to expect government assistance even when it’s not necessary. For a liberal like Clinton, whose ideology calls for transferring control over Americans’ lives from private to government hands, even an economically regressive policy is palatable if it helps advance that agenda."

It is frightening to me to see how what seem to be a great idea, is really a smokescreen for a hidden agenda. Seems like that is a common thing in politics today, especially when you are a liberal socialist who doesn't believe in a honest day's work for an honest day's pay. What a matronly idea...provide for the welfare of all children. Isn't that sweet. And while you are at it, raise taxes and consolidate power within the government. As a parent, I don't know how she can see what she is doing as benevolent. It's criminal to do two things:

1. Require taxpayers to pay for the children of the wealthy.
2. More importantly - Remove the need for self-reliance from an individual by providing from them, once again, with cradle to grave benefits.

Both of these things are not only detrimental to the individual, but to society as a whole. It's a slippery slope that they are placing us on.

Here's the full article:

Hillary's Baby Bounty

This is a funny one.

Now, I completely realized that pictures are and can be taken completely out of context. These probably are...Clinton with a supporter (and donor) who turned out to be a criminal in his means of getting that money for her, and Clinton looking at General David Petraeus. One gives her money, the other gives her grief for her liberal views of world peace. I think the images say a lot more about her attitudes toward big money and the military, and therefore give us a great insight into what REALLY matters to this woman.