Thursday, April 10, 2008

ROBINS IN THE ARCTIC??? GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!,2933,348608,00.html

Seems that once again, the alarmists on Global Warming didn't do their homework. Do I see a pattern evolving here?

Come on. People. When will we get it through our thick, highly evolved skulls that Global warming is a natural occurance? Yes, we should be better stewards of the environment...but by personal choice, not by politically driven mandates. How many of these mandates have done a bit of good in reducing global warming? None. The global temperature still rises. I think it is highly arrogant of us to believe that we have so much power that we can control the temperature of the globe. We only wish we had that amount of power. I for one am fine to be careful how much gas I use, plant trees, and recycle as much as I can. But I am not ready for the government to ruin our economy just because there are a few uneducated, or under-educated, fanatics out there whose sole purpose is to make a name for themselves, not to save the planet.

Here is a great clip from Glenn Beck. Like him or not, he tells the truth, even when it hurts either side.

Here's a great one where John Stossel talks to scientists that disagree with MANKIND'S role in global warming: