Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Once again...

The opportunity so be self-sustaing is staring us in the face, within arms reach, and a possibility. Are we going to do something about it?

Oil down, dollar up since Bush rescinded drilling restrictions

What's it going to take for people to see this...

Listen to Obama's response. Just listen to it. He will NOT admit that he was wrong. He will not admit that he made a mistake. And I think that it is quite poor of a presidential candidate to refuse to give credit where credit is due, just to keep his stance on the war. If he is wrong, then he needs to take that, admit it, and move on. This is what kills me about politics. It's not about what is right and wrong. It's not about having integrity. It's about trying not to lose face. It's about pandering to those that will give you their vote, even if it means deceiving them. Now, I'm no McCain fan, but given the two men as candidates, I think I've made my choice. A little moral character is better than none at all.

Plus, I have to give Katie Couric props for asking the tough questions to Obama. This just shows that he doesn't have the answers. He crys "Change!" but has no plan on how to make that change. The change he wants is bigger government, less individual responsibility, more reliance on the state, and in turn, more consolidation of power.

Sounds like socialism to me.

Monday, July 21, 2008

This makes me sad....

When I start to become optimistic about the country, I'm always brought back to earth by these type of people. Now, I can respect that they have their own views. That's the beauty of this country - you are free to assempbe, you are free to speak your mind, you are even free to call for the killing of the president. You have every right to do that. I can respect their right to their views.

I lived overseas for a few years, so I know a little about how other countries are, especially having lived there. When I returned home to the US, I quickly realized how blessed we are to live in the amazing country. Things that we find commonplace here are the dreams of people in other lands. We have forgotten what a blessing it is to live here.

If these people are so anti-American, and they hate this country so much, they are free to leave. Just like Rosie and Baaaahbra, I don't think they ever will. But attitudes like the ones portrayed in this video don't get us anywhere. They really end up causing more harm than good. When someone calls our soldiers "rapists", my blood boils. Now, not everyone is perfect, there will be mistakes, I will concede that. But to lump the entire military together for the actions of a few is downright cowardly. Especially when you cannot explain your stance when asked to. I hope these people realize that all they are really doing is fueling the fire for people like me who love America, and would love to see them leave this country that they hate so much and live somewhere else. After all, they are free to do so.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spiderman For The Day...

It's wonderful to see people taking time to give a child the day of his life. He just might not have that many of them left. Watching this made me think of my own son and what it would mean to him. Really makes you remember what is really important in this life. All of the political unrest, wars, societal problems pale in comparison to the life of your child. Family is everything.

A Kid's Wish... Spiderman for the Day from Knowles Video, Robert Knowles on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aahhhh. The Sweet Truth of Numbers.

Where do oil spills come from?
Natural Seepage - 63%
Consumers - 32%
Transportation - 4%
Offshore Drilling - 1%

Isn't that just interesting! Oh those EVIL Oil companies! They will ruin this world with their dirty practices!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where all the money is REALLY going....

Capital Gains

Earmarks are viewed by many as a symbol of wasteful government spending. But the House slipped $278 million worth of earmarks into the Labor/HHS appropriations bill it passed before the July 4 recess.

The group Citizens Against Government Waste says that is a 122 percent increase in the amount spent on earmarks from last year's bill. Included were $25 million for the something called the National Writing Project, for teachers.

The Education Department didn't ask for the money because $3 billion already exists to improve teachers' writing. $150,000 is designated for the American Ballet Theater in New York, which has already brought in $28 million from private fundraising. And, $100,000 will be spent on a community gardening outreach program in Toledo, Ohio.

The top three earmark requesters were Democrats Neal Abercrombie of Hawaii, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ANWR is NOT the answer....

We had a funny email chain go around work today. It had to deal with gas prices and big oil companies, etc. So in a response to one comment, I posted the image of the capitol building with ANWAR under it (from a previous post). That touched off a flurry of comments about how ANWAR is not the answer. I would agree. Here was my commentary:

"ANWAR does not answer the problem, but I look at it more as a principle…

I want a dog. I want one really bad. So I go out and buy one. But my lawn is so nice, my yard is immaculate, and to have the dog pooping on my lawn would ruin it. So I’m going to take him over to my neighbor’s yard and let him take care of business there. I wouldn’t want him to mess up my yard. Man, I love my dog.

If I want a dog, I must be willing to deal with the responsibilities that come with it. My neighbor doesn’t have the responsibility to provide a place for my dog to do his duty just because I wanted a dog. If I have a dog, I deal with it’s poop.

We are like that owner who keeps having his neighbors put fences up to keep the dog out. So we worry and fret where our dog is going to relieve himself. We scramble to find places for him to go. We find one neighbor that is willing to let our dog do his duty there...for a price. A price which he will set and can change at any time. So we agree. So now we have a small place for our dog. But sometimes our neighbor gives us an even smaller area. Man, our dog doesn't like that. From time to time our neighbor decides that he wants to raise the price, and there is nothing we can do about it. We spend hours and hours searching for other places that might be suitable….searching everywhere but our own back yard. We know it’s there, and there is plenty of yard for him to do his business. But we just won’t do it. We can’t! It may ruin that one square inch of grass. It may stink a little. Heaven forbid! So our dog gets an intestinal blockage and dies, even though we spent every waking moment trying to find a place for him to go…All because we didn’t want our dog to ruin our lawn.

Whether it’s the need for more oil, or the need to develop new energy solutions, we need to be able to provide for ourselves. If we want the oil, we should be willing to pay the price for it and deal with the consequences for wanting it. Maybe if we did drill on our own lands, we might start not liking it, and want to come up with other solutions. ANWAR is not the answer, it’s a principle…that’s just my opinion. I’ll stop there."