Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sun, Spring, Warmth....Beautiful!

Yesterday, my office mate, Dave Malan, came back in from the office noting that the temperature had risen from 15 to 75, the smog had lifted, and people were whistling and singing on the sidewalks. He even hit a guy with his car, but the man stood up, shook it off, looked at the sun and took a big, deep breath. When Dave asked if he was alright, the man replied, "Of course I am! Thanks for asking!" Dave was a bit confused. But as he came back into the office, he was beaming, and he asked me, "Barry, do you feel that? It's so warm! I'm full of joy!" I was a bit confused, and then he reminded was inaguration day, and all our worries would now go away because Barack Obama was now our president. I immediately felt all warm and cozy inside, confident that all my worries about the economy and society would now all melt away, just like the 2 feet of snow outside.

This may come as some sort of surprise to some who read my blog (all three of them), but I actually am pulling for President Obama. I hope he does a good job. Now, doing a good job to me is different than what he might consider a good job. But still, I wish him all the best. I hope he sees that now that he is in the hotseat, things may not be as easy as originally thought. But I wish him the best. That may change when my taxes start going up, or businesses start moving overseas more and more, or my children are forced to have school programs about gay pride day. We'll have to see.

But Mr. President, you got what you wanted, now, it's time to prove yourself. Will you prove yourself a slave to public opinion, or a standard-bearer of values and freedom? I'll be watching.