Monday, March 30, 2009

That's what we need!!!

Millions and Millions of new jobs created by using 


Obama is really beginning to freak me out.  Not in the "gosh this guy is a cook" way, but in the "I'm just going to tell them this stuff, and they'll play along because they don't get it" way.  Our President (yes, he is still my president) has the audacity to believe that jobs are created by the government, and that "going green" will save our economy?  I can't believe what I am hearing.  Please, Please, PLEASE watch this clip.  It reminds us of what is REALLY happening...The government is poised to take over the freedoms that we hold dear.  They want to remove the profit motive from work.  They want to provide health care.  They want to regulate banks and PRIVATE COMPANIES!  This is what I am talking about when I say it is scary.  

There are 3 types of people in this country:
  1. Those who WANT the government to take over.  These are usually the people with no moral compass, with no work ethic, envious, and no personal pride.  They want it done for them, they want it when they want it, and they don't want to have to earn it.  Personally, I can't stand these people.
  2. Those that want their freedoms, but aren't willing to defend them.  These people are worse than the first.  At least those people are fighting for what they believe in, even though it is wrong.  These people will soon find the freedoms that they hold dear taken from them, and there won't be anything left.
  3. Those that love and cherish their freedom, and are willing to fight for those God-given (yes, I said GOD ina public setting) rights.  
The created cannot exceed the creator.  We, the people, created the government for us.  They have now become, or are trying to become the master.  If we do not act soon, all of those freedoms that we cherish will be taken from us.  Acting means speaking out, writing letters or emails, calling you senators, and talking with friends, educating them of the perils we face.  Imagine if group #2 actually got up and fought.  The first group would not have a chance.