Sunday, July 4, 2010

God bless America

It's the 4th of July - my second favorite holiday of the year next to Christmas. It is a wonderful time where we celebrate our independence from an oppressive government that did not value liberty and freedom. It was the inspired thinking of great men who sacrificed their riches, their honor, and their very lives so that we might enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

As I have thought about the meaning of the Declaration of Independence, I can't help but be thankful for the freedoms that I enjoy every day because of that amazing document, that declared that freedoms are God-given, not man derived. It declares that the purpose of government is not to provide freedoms, but to protect them. It reminds us that we are all individually responsible for our own actions, good or bad, and that we alone are responsible for our success and our failure. How grateful I am that I can work hard to succeed, and learn from my failures, and follow my own path in life...that is, for the foreseeable future.

I have begun to fear for this country I love. I fear for it because of it's people. We have turned from a hard-working majority, to a dependent welfare state, where everyone wants something they have not worked for, and even that for absolutely nothing. Even worse, we have elected officials that will provide everything for us, or at least say they will, and then in attempting to, remove our freedoms. We have lost our morals, prizing wealth over integrity, and prizing ease over accomplishment.

Since when did our founders believe that the path to happiness and freedom was found in never-ending government programs and subsidies? They believed no such thing, and would be appalled at what they are seeing today. They knew then that even today, the path to real happiness was personal integrity, hard work, responsibility, and accountability. They knew that government intrusion into our lives would stifle the spirit of freedom, and would enslave men and women. They knew that man must be moral in order to be successful, and contrary to popular thinking, they believed that God was the author of all liberty. I sit in awe of their wisdom, their integrity, and their dedication to the cause of liberty.

It is with sadness and dismay that I look at our society today. While there are still many (dare I say the quiet majority, who is quickly becoming the vocal majority) who are willing to take personal responsibility and put success on their own shoulders, there is a much more vocal and controlling minority, who are moving us away from the time-tested and honored traditions that have made us the most successful society in the history of the world. Our general population has been so misinformed and deadened to the truth of freedom, that the flame of liberty is but a spark today.

I pray that we as a society will wake up to the awful situation that we are in, and the peril that lies ahead if we do not correct our course. I am so thankful for the liberty that God has given us, and for this great nation that has guaranteed those freedoms, at least for now.

If this video doesn't alarm you, it should. What is very interesting is how two generations are completely clueless to our history. It takes "Grandpa" to answer the simple historical questions about US history. Truly saddening.

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