Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Immigration is Like a Football Game...

Illegals Rape 14 Year Old at July 4th Party

Some may say, "You can't say that they raped her because they are illegals!" True. But you CAN say that this rape would not have occurred if the border was secure and these illegals weren't in this country. I'm all for immigration - LEGAL immigration. My ancestors came here for a better life, more freedom, and they did it legally. For their integrity I am grateful. I am in favor of immigrants from all nations coming to the US to find a better life, more opportunity, and greater freedom, as long as they do it legally. Border security is not about race, it's about ordered and civil society that lives by laws and therefore enjoys the freedoms those laws guarantee. If Immigration is done in an ordered and civilized manner, the whole country benefits. I must apologize for the length of this post, but I feel it shares what I truly feel to be the truth.

Now, close your eyes (or at least imagine you are while reading this next section), and let's listen to a little story:

Imagine a college football game. The game of the season. You bought tickets a year in advance. You have saved your money to watch this exciting game. So you get in the car and go to the stadium. When you go into the stadium, you go through a secure checkpoint where they check your tickets and when your tickets are validated, they allow you inside. So you walk into the stadium, go to the concession stand, and buy some nachos and a large drink...pregame snacks! Happily, you go find your seat and eagerly await the start of the game. Both teams enter to massive cheering, and the game begins. It's one of the best games you've ever seen. As you scan the crowd, you see tons of people like you, who spent their hard-earned cash to get in, and are enjoying the fruits of their labors. But as you scan one section of the stadium, you see people not going through the ticket check, but climbing over a fence to get it. There's a guard on duty that is walking by, but he just ignores them. You look around to see if anyone else sees them. IT seems that everyone does, including the group of guards, but over the loudspeaker, you hear "Ladies and gentlemen, please disregard the individuals jumping over the fences. They are very enthusiastic fans that didn't have tickets, but they really wanted to see the game. Please help them feel at home and comfortable." What? In dismay you look around only to find that one of them is standing next to you and motions to you to scoot over. You look at him, and refuse, and say "I paid for this seat, it's mine." But again, he just stands there, and looks at you, and then begins to push you to the side and slide into your seat. Over the loudspeakers, you again hear a booming voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, due to the increasing number of individuals who would like to see the game, we need to to scoot to the middle of your rows, so that we can give them a seat too." As you fight your intruder for your seat back, a security guard comes over and says to you, "Please make room or I'll have to escort you out."

"I paid for this seat! He has no right to it!" you scream at him.

"Do you hate this person?" he asks you.

"Of course not. It's just that I paid for this seat at this game and want the seat I paid for, it's not his right to take it from me."

"You must not want him sitting by you because you don't like his nationality." he insists.

"What? That has nothing to do with it! I paid for that seat and he has no right to it."

"Well, he is one of this team's biggest fans. Shouldn't he have a right to watch the game?"

"Only if he pays for a ticket to watch it!" you reply.

"No. He has the right to enjoy this game just like everyone else. He's a fan too." he snaps back. "Either you let him sit here, or I'll have to remove you from your seat."

As you look at him in disbelief, he reaches over to your nachos, takes them from the tray, and hands them to the intruder smashed next to you on the seat.

"He's would also like some nachos. I'm sure you wouldn't mind. Oh, and by the way, here's a translation dictionary. You'll need it so that you can translate the play-by play for him. You'll need to keep him up to date with every play and every call that is made. Thanks for your cooperation."

As he walks away, you yell to him, "Those are my nachos, I will NOT translate for him, and that is my seat!"

"He turns and looks back with contempt in his eyes, glaring at you, and angrily says, "You cold, racist hater." Stares you down for a moment, then walks away.

You are not the only one this has happened to. Other families have been pushed out of their seats. Season ticket holders are being smashed together to allow for the imposters to be seated. People's memorabilia and food are being confiscated and given to the imposters, And the loud speakers glare, "Thank you for respecting these individuals' right to watch this game and enjoy themselves. As you see others that come over the fence and need a seat, please scoot together further to accommodate them. In 15 minutes we will be collecting an extra $5 from each ticket holder to allow these newcomers to purchase some refreshment at the concessions. Please have your ticket out. If you do not have your ticket out or refuse to give $5, you will be removed from the game. Thank you for your cooperation."

Think it's just a story? This is reality. Immigration should be happening, but there should be in points and out points. Anyone who comes in illegally should be removed. It is only fair to those that have earned their citizenship and obey the laws.

Wanting to "seal" the border is not "hateful" or "racist". And sealing the border does not mean to completely seall it, but to make sure that those coming in and going out are allowed to by the law. It is because of adherence to a laws that we are truly free. If we want others to enjoy those freedoms, we must insist that they too, obey the law that allows them to enjoy that freedom.


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The issues is the limited amount of people that are allowed to legally immigrate. I say we up it.

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